Charlie Brooks spills the beans at Christmas party



00:56 GMT, 19 December 2012

Currently on remand for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks – adoring husband of flame-haired former News International boss Rebekah Brooks – told guests at a Christmas party yesterday: ‘I was leaving the house for the first day of Cheltenham when 18 bobbies turned up. I am travelling in a car with a policeman in the front and another in the back and I say, “So what happened with the Kieren Fallon case then”’ My racing source says: ‘Hardly a tactful remark. Fallon was acquitted of race-fixing charges after a series of police blunders.’

'So what happened with the Kieren Fallon case then' Racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks spoke to Christmas party guests about his conversation with the police

'So what happened with the Kieren Fallon case then' Racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks spoke to Christmas party guests about his conversation with the police

The 16-year marriage of Clint Eastwood, 82, and wife Dina, 47, appears to be over. Former newscaster Mrs Eastwood has returned to co-anchoring KSBW TV in Monterey, California. Dina interviewed Eastwood in 1993. They married three years later. Nine months later they had daughter, Morgan. But they are said to have gone their separate ways. Previously Eastwood was married to former model Maggie Johnson. Then he lived with actress Sondra Locke, whom he cast in The Outlaw Josey Wales. She wrote a book, The Good, The Bad & the Very Ugly, saying he locked her out of the house, tapped her phone and persuaded her to have two abortions. All denied by Eastwood. Perhaps Dina will be more discreet.

Plain-spoken Tory champion Norman Tebbit, raised to the peerage in 1992, deplores David Cameron’s ‘determination and haste to legislate for the end of marriage as we have known it for the last five or ten thousand years’, adding: ‘Why shouldn’t brothers, or sisters, be prevented from “marrying” Or a mother and daughter, or father and son’ Worse, ‘zoophiliacs are pressing their case for the legalisation of sex with animals’. Steady Norman!

Channel 4’s America correspondent Matt Frei described the Newtown Massacre well enough but the BBC’s Mark Mardell did a better job. We haven’t always been generous to Mark, 55. In 2003, I mentioned how he and BBC colleague, Welshman Guto Harri, shared the floor of their local taxi driver’s stiflingly-hot bedroom during a heatwave-afflicted political summit in Athens. At lights out, portly Mardell cried out: ‘I’m too excited to sleep!’ Harri, 46, went on to greater things, working for priapic London mayor Boris Johnson and now media magnate Rupert Murdoch but portly Mardell is hitting his stride now.

Hollywood star Matt Damon, who plays Scott Thorson, lover of Liberace, in the new movie about the flamboyantly gay pianist, never addressed gossip that he and fellow actor Ben Affleck were, ahem, a twosome. ‘I never denied those rumours because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay – as if being gay were some kind of f****** disease,’ he says. Quite so but wasn’t there a tactful way of indicating they were just good friends