Fugitive Eastern European criminal entered UK legally and raped two women in knife-point attacks

Fugitive Eastern European criminal entered UK legally and raped two women in knife-point attacks

, Butkus followed a 39-year-old woman he and his friends met in a kebab shop after a night out.

When she got home she invited Butkus in for a drink but then found her daughter's moneybox had been smashed and him in her bedroom.

He demanded sex and when she refused, he beat her repeatedly and raped her before fleeing the scene with two other men.

Three weeks later Butkus was armed with a kitchen knife, looking for a victim when he spotted a 21-year-old Liverpool John Moores university student walking in the city centre.

He stalked her for half an hour before tricked his way into her accommodation block then grabbing her at knife-point as she walked up a stairwell.

Butkus demanded money but his victim only had two pounds in her purse. He then led her into a basement of the student flats and raped her twice.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the victim split up from her long term boyfriend because she was so traumatised from her ordeal.

Butkus was caught after a police officer spotted him on CCTV footage in the run up to the second attack and examined footage from other case which showed him in an off-licence near to where the first attack took place.

VIDEO Butkus was tracked on CCTV tracking women through Liverpool

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He was tracked down by police using a description of his distinctive hairline, scar on his neck and very distinctive black jacket with red markings.

In interview, Butkus denied all knowledge of either attack. But when confronted with forensic evidence, he claimed in the first incident sex had been consensual and he could not remember the second because he had been on drugs.

Butkus must serve a minimum nine years in jail before being considered for parole and faces deportation upon his release.

Passing sentence Judge Dennis Watson, QC, told him: 'These were life scarring experiences for both women and they will suffer long into the future. These are pitiless and wicked crimes on vulnerable women.'

After the case the the first victim said: 'For weeks afterwards, I couldn't even walk to the corner shop.
'I lost all of my confidence. It affected me so badly.

'Now I am trying to rebuild my life and not let him ruin the rest of it.

'I'm so much more aware of my surroundings and the people around me. I used to be carefree and one of the first on the dance floor on nights out. I'm not like that any more.

This has changed me as a person. Anyone who does such a terrible thing deserves to be locked away.

The younger victim who wants to join the police said: 'I'm not saying what happened to me wasn't terrible. But you have to carry on living your life.

'I moved to Liverpool to go to university and it was always my plan to stay here and live here for good.

'After I was attacked, I moved back home for a couple of weeks. My parents wanted me to stay at home and not come back, but when I heard the police had caught him after just two days, I was relieved.

'I decided I would go back and carry on with university and with the life I had originally planned. I didn't see why he should take that away from me.

'As strange as it sounds, I have met so many amazing people in the police because of what happened to me, it almost feels like a silver lining. I'm just delighted to see him get what he deserves.'

Det Insp Debbie Tipton, of Merseyside Police who led the investigation, said: 'The bravery shown by these two women enabled us to find this dangerous man and take him off the streets.'