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Gordon Brown has not spoken for a year in Parliament… but he has jetted off abroad on 28 trips and earned more than 2m in fees and expenses since leaving No 10He ploughs all the money back into his public and charitable activitiesTory MP accuses ex-Prime Minister of 'casual disregard' for his constituents



16:33 GMT, 9 December 2012

Under fire: Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Under fire: Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not spoken in the Commons for a year

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has not uttered one word in Parliament for a year, it emerged today.

Although he has kept his counsel in the House, Mr Brown has been jet-setting around the world over the past 12 months.

He has declared 28 trips abroad on the MPs' register of interests – many of them linked to his humanitarian work.

And since he left Downing St in 2010 he has received 2 million in fees and expenses – all of which has been ploughed back into his public and charitable activities.

His trips included six visits to America where he is a global fellow of the New York University, six trips to the Middle East and brief stays in Seoul, Lagos and Mexico City, according to the Sunday Times.

Mr Brown last spoke in the Commons on November 30, 2011. Only three other MPs have had less to say than the member for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

According to an analysis by the paper, two of those are whips and by tradition do not take part in debates. The third MP, Labour's Khalid Mahmood, has not spoken since May,2011. He is waiting for a kidney transplant.

John Glen, Tory MP for Salisbury, has accused Mr Brown of treating voters with 'utter contempt' and having a 'casual disregard' for his constituents.

Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah who runs his office for humanitarian activities

Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah who runs his office for humanitarian activities

Over the year he has accepted an MP’s salary of more than 65,000 a year and around 17,000 in expenses.

Mr Glen said: 'To not speak for 12 months raises the question of what is he still doing here' The Tories have urged Labour leader Ed Miliband to withdraw the party whip from him.

One senior Labour figure told the Sunday Times: 'He's very much the forgotten man. There must be concern among his constituents. that he's drawinga salary and allowances while not being at Westminster.'

According to Hansard records, Mr Brown has taken part in three debates since losing the election in May 2010 and last tabled a parliamentary question in February this year.

His fees for speaking abroad topped 800,000 with one payment of almost 61,000 for an hour's work at an Abu Dhabi education council event.

All the fees are not for personal gain, but go the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown “for the employment of staff to support my ongoing involvement in public life.'