Couple with disabled boy slapped with 70 parking ticket as they carried him to their car outside their home
Karl Wade and Rebecca Harbourne had been fitting special splints to son Devon, four, when warden appeared
Temporary restrictions had been imposed outside their home
Birmingham council refused two appeals because their case 'lacks merit'



22:10 GMT, 26 December 2012

Upset: Karl Wade and Rebecca Harbourne, from Birmingham, have slammed a traffic warden who gave them a parking ticket as they carried their paralysed son their car


Parents who parked outside their home as they carried their seriously disabled boy to their car were shocked to see they had been given a ticket.

Karl Wade, 37, briefly left his Nissan Note people carrier in front of his house as he and his partner Rebecca Harbourne, 28, strapped splints to the legs of four-year-old Devon, who has cerebral palsy and cannot walk.

When they emerged from the front door with their son minutes later, however, they found they had been issued with a 70 fine.

Despite pleading with the warden to use some common sense, the ticket stood.

The local council has refused to refund the fine, saying the couple had been warned parking on their road was to be suspended temporarily because the road was being resurfaced.

Miss Harbourne said: ‘At a time of goodwill to all men, I don’t think they’ve shown a lot of heart.’

Devon is paralysed down his left side, can only crawl and has a mental age of 18 months.

His parents, whose home does not have a drive, usually have no problem parking outside their front door so they can carry him to the car to take him to school.

Mr Wade insisted he had been told he could park in the space by workmen.

Despite his protests, the warden refused to back down and told him to get in touch with the council.

Two subsequent appeals have been dismissed by Birmingham City Council.

Mr Wade said: ‘They don’t seem to realise we have no choice. We are law-abiding people, but there was nothing else we could do.’

'The car park at the back was blocked with vehicles.'

Father-of-three Mr Wade, who had just
dropped his other sons Lewis, ten, and Devon's twin Dallas, at school,
said he has even taken pictures of other cars parked on the road at the same time which did not receive tickets – but to no avail.

Refused: Birmingham city council has rejected two appeals from the couple over the parking fine but both have been rejected

Refused: Birmingham city council has rejected two appeals from the couple over the parking fine but both have been rejected

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said the family's car was reported as 'obstructing' the resurfacing work.

He said: 'Letters were sent to all the properties in Minstead Road advising of the roadworks and temporary parking restrictions.

'This was followed up with warning notices and the road was well marked with restriction signs.

'Miss Harbourne has had her representation against the ticket turned down but she still has a right to appeal to an independent adjudicator.

'Other vehicles did not receive tickets as they were parked on sections of the road that had already been resurfaced and were not obstructing the work.'