Mrs Jowell throws her toys out of the pram, again



00:33 GMT, 27 November 2012

Dame Tessa Jowell, recently ‘reconciled’ with husband David Mills, has now thrown all her toys out of her pram at the suggestion that the original separation back in 2006 was little more than a career-saving exercise. The pair split after Mills, a tax lawyer, was accused of taking a bribe from Silvio Berlusconi but they never divorced. News they were reunited came just days after the Labour politician announced she was standing down from front-line politics with her departure from the shadow cabinet. Regarding the uncharitable speculation about the couple’s motives, she now tells Total Politics magazine: ‘Only malign, cynical, dehumanising journalists could draw a conclusion like that.’ Heaven forbid!

Outraged: Dame Tessa Jowell has denied that her and Mr Mills' original separation was a career-saving exercise

Outraged: Dame Tessa Jowell has denied that her and Mr Mills' original separation was a career-saving exercise

When Education Secretary Michael Gove appointed his chums Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent from restaurant chain Leon to improve school dinners, Jamie Oliver mostly buttoned his lip. Now Oliver, who had been asked by the previous Labour Government to do exactly the same thing, has let loose, telling Radio Times: ‘Gove does not understand food in schools. He’s obsessed with reducing red tape. I’ve met him and he’s very nice, very energetic. Sadly, I happen to disagree with so many of the things that he’s done to school food. I’m not going to waste my energy talking to this lot. I am going to put my head down, get through this bloody recession and in a few years’ time I’ll be ready to bang on doors again.’

The Duchess of Cambridge, received a rapturous reception from the Cardiff crowd at Saturday’s Wales v New Zealand rugby clash. Kate’s presence proved diplomatically helpful to her husband William. For despite his appointment as vice patron of the Welsh Rugby Union back in 2006, he has long been viewed by suspicious supporters as a closet England fan. Says one member of the Tafia: ‘He has preferred to take Kate to England games at Twickenham in the past, so her presence in Cardiff was a very wise move considering his position at the WRU.’

No love lost between Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson and the BBC. He remains furious at unfounded allegations broadcast on the Beeb’s local Spotlight programme in January 2010 linking him with his wife Iris’s bankrolling of her 19-year-old lover’s riverside caf. Now restored to domestic harmony, Robinson says: ‘I still wait for an apology from the BBC but I suspect it will never come. It does not surprise me the mess the BBC is now in.’

At yesterday’s William Hill Sports Book of the Year award at Waterstones in Piccadilly, judge and BBC commentator John Inverdale revealed that the deliberations over the winning title had gone on for hours over dinner unlike five years ago when one judge, at the start, demanded that a particular book be given the prize. ‘The debate lasted all of 50 seconds,’ said Inverdale. ‘But I won’t say who the judge was or which book it was.’ Step forward Hugh McIlvanney who confided: ‘It was me and the book was Duncan Hamilton’s 20 Years With Brian Clough.’