Now that's Etch-A-Sketch art: Incredible portraits of famous faces drawn with one continuous lineSelf-taught French artist Pierre Emmanuel Godet has gone back to basics by drawing his portraits with a single line



23:40 GMT, 23 December 2012

It's often said that simplicity is a lost art and it seems this artist has taken the motto to heart.

Self-taught French artist Pierre Emmanuel Godet has attempted to make his work as basic as possible by painstakingly drawing famous faces from across the decades with just one single continuous line.

He only requires a pen and paper, as well as a lot of planning, to complete his masterpieces.

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

Famous faces: Self-taught French artist Pierre Emmanuel Godet creates portraits of stars such as Marilyn Monroe, left, and Elvis Presley, right, with just one single line



Walking the line: Artist Godet has drawn mini sketches of objects within the portraits – including these ones of Bono and Spok – that give information about the person

And Godet has managed to create lifelike sketches of stars including Marilyn Monroe, Bono and Michael Jackson using his simple technique.

The end result is similar to drawings produced on Etch-A-Sketches – the popular drawing toy invented in the 1960s – but without the red plastic toy frame.

But upon closer inspection, observers can spot pictures and objects drawn within the portrait that give information about the person he is trying to depict.

On his blog, Godet says he used to work in Research Engineering but had always been more interested in art so decided to pursue becoming a professional artist.

The joker


Film fan: Godet has also featured well-known characters from comic books and films – such as The Joker, left, and Batman, right – in his single line portrait collection

Michael Jackson

Tim Burton

Guess who: From the master of music Michael Jackson, left, to the master filmmaker Tim Burton, right, Godet has all genres covered

Godet’s first attempts were chalk drawings on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, but as he got better he transposed them on canvas, with Indian ink. In the beginning he created simple shapes, like animals and symbols, but as he became more experience he moved on to more elaborate works, like celebrity portraits.

Godet started his collection of celebrity art back in 2010 and has since produced portraits of some the world's greatest film stars, movie characters and singers.

He started this unique series in 2010, while exploring the idea of making art with very few materials. Each of these amazing renditions is unique and contains objects, shapes and stories related to the person they’re depicting.


Andy Warhol

Godet started on his collection of portraits including Mozart, left, and Andy Warhol, right, in 2010 and has now drawn famous faces from across the arts