Paedophile, 44, took 12-year-old schoolgirl to dogging site where she was raped by another manMichael Gwyther, 44, jailed for life at Swindon Crown CourtAbuse uncovered by parents of two girls being groomed at same time
Police found explicit video of victim's classmate on Gwyther's phone



14:06 GMT, 7 December 2012

Paedophile: Michael Gwyther was jailed for life for abusing three underage girls and repeatedly raping one of them

Paedophile: Michael Gwyther was jailed for life at Swindon Crown Court for abusing three underage girls and repeatedly raping one of them

A paedophile who took a 12-year-old girl he was abusing to a notorious dogging site to be raped by another man has been jailed for life.

Michael Gwyther, 44, repeatedly raped the youngster and took her to an open-air sex site where he offered to share her with other men.

Swindon Crown Court heard Gwyther's campaign of abuse only came to light when parents of two other girls aged 14 and 15 who he was grooming found out and contacted police.

Officers found indecent pictures and an explicit video of the 12-year-old on his phone when they arrested him at his home in Easterton, Wiltshire.

Claire Marlow, prosecuting, told the court police uncovered the shocking abuse of the girl when they examined his mobile.

She said one of the older girls’ mothers was looking at her daughter’s computer and found inappropriate messages from Gwyther.

She said the 14-year-old said he had given her a lift home from a youth club in August last year and put his hand on her leg.

Another girl, aged 15, who had also got a lift with Gwyther said she too had been molested by him around the same time.

When officers tracked down the girl in the images she was too terrified to detail the horrific abuse she had suffered at the hands of Gwyther.

She eventually told how he had been raping and abusing her since she was 12, and he even took her to notorious dogging site The Barn, where strangers gathered to have sex.

Gwyther forced the young girl to have sex with a man while videotaping them, but that footage has not been found.

Marcus Davey, defending, said his client was full of remorse for what he had done.

Judge Douglas Field ruled last Friday that Gwyther presented a serious risk of reoffending.

said: 'You have corrupted her by engaging in ever more serious sexual
activity with her, starting when she was about 12 and ending when 14 or

'When she was 12 you even started raping her. You raped her on six occasions, twice when she was under 13.

Swindon Crown Court: Judge Douglas Field said Gwyther abused the girls to gratify an 'entrenched deviance'

Swindon Crown Court: Judge Douglas Field said Gwyther abused the girls to gratify an 'entrenched deviance'

'You took her to what was known as dogging sites where strangers gather quite openly to have sex with each other. There you have instigated her having sex with unknown men.

'You did all this to gratify your entrenched deviance; you have an excessive sexual interest in underage girls.

'You started grooming the other victims. You made contact over the internet.

'This was to groom them so they would meet you so you could commit sexual offences against them.

“'our offending has caused your victims very considerable psychological damage.

'It's quite understandable to hear they have difficulties dealing with everyday life and that will last for some time.'

Gwyther, of Haywards Place, Easterton, near Devizes, Wiltshere, pleaded guilty to six counts of
rape, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, three
counts of sexual activity with a child and three of making an indecent
photo of a child.