Police raid Oldie offices as part of Yewtree investigation

Police raid Oldie offices as part of Yewtree investigation



23:45 GMT, 11 December 2012

Police have raided the offices of The Oldie magazine as part of the Yewtree investigation. Jimmy Savile’s friend/producer Wilfred De’Ath – one of the broadcasters they’ve questioned – is an Oldie contributor. Editor Richard Ingrams, 75, says: ‘They searched the premises and removed some material. /12/11/article-2246628-166CB5ED000005DC-142_468x286.jpg” width=”468″ height=”286″ alt=”Jimmy Savile's friend and producer Wilfred De'Ath is an Oldie contributor” class=”blkBorder” />

Jimmy Savile's friend and producer Wilfred De'Ath is an Oldie contributor

Retired headmaster Jeremy Snow, who ran St Andrew’s preparatory school at Pangbourne, Berkshire, while Kate Middleton was a pupil, says he was badgered for dormitory secrets by a particularly persistent reporter. From a redtop tabloid I inquired. No, Nicholas Witchell, the BBC’s royal and diplomatic correspondent, he replied. Amiable Snow, who retired four years ago, adds: ‘Nicholas just wouldn’t give up. In the end I had to say, “Nicholas, desist! You are the father of (two) daughters!”’

No Christmas truce in the hostilities between broadcaster Piers Morgan, and Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, who calls Piers ‘a pompous, dreadful man – I wake up every morning happy knowing that he is 6,000 miles away from me’. CNN star Piers says: ‘The only reason poor old Jeremy is 6,000 miles away from me is because American television is sadly allergic to pot-bellied, gnarled, balding, boring old petrol-heads.’ How did this feud start In 2000, then Mirror editor Piers published pictures of Jeremy kissing TV producer Elaine Bedell.

Jon Stewart, whose cable TV programme The Daily Show is considered America’s sharpest political satire, says the worst guest he ever had was Hugh Grant – ‘and we’ve had dictators on the show’. He found the actor difficult and won’t book him again. Can this be so Hugh always seems to be in demand at the BBC.

The 1967 pop song A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum, listed as ‘the most played record of the past 70 years’, is the subject of a new book by Henry Scott-Irvine. Procol Harum’s Keith Reid and Gary Brooker went to a party, which ended with the host, Guy Stevens, telling his wife, Diane: ‘You’ve turned a whiter shade of pale. I think you better go to bed!’ Reid says: ‘I had the phrase “a whiter shade of pale” – that was the start. And I knew it was a song.’ Some AWSoP nuts think it’s about a decadent, drug-fuelled party but Reid says: ‘It was influenced by books, not drugs . . .’

Dame Maggie Smith, 77, on the mobile phone bought for her by actor son Chris Larkin: ‘From the minute I picked it up, Maria Callas did not stop singing. That was the music he’d put on it. She didn’t stop until the battery ran out. Now I’m fearful to plug it in again because she’ll start again. It’s horrifying, really.’ Is Dame Maggie finding it difficult to escape her above-it-all Downton Abbey character