Sex offender, 18, 'raped 11-year-old schoolgirl repeatedly in park then told her he would show film of attack to friends and those she loved'Opemipo Jaji is accused of raping a school girl after following her home
Allegedly dragged girl into a park in Enfield, north London, last NovemberCourt heard he told victim he would stab her and put a glove in her mouthJaji admitted sexually assaulting another girl in 2011, Old Bailey heard

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Police search teams in Jubilee Park in Enfield looking for clues at the time of the rape in November 2012

The girl said her attacker was a black man with a small afro, dressed in grey and black and wearing an ‘opaque’ headdress.

Jurors at the Old Bailey have been
told Jaji will claim he has been wrongly identified – though prosecutors
say blood found on his shoes and bag match the girl’s DNA with a
one-in-a-billion match.

She said: ‘He stank just like he hadn’t had a bath. He smelled a bit like smoke, like garbage.

‘He had a London, Edmonton, chavvy accent.’

Her father told the Old Bailey that his daughter usually returned home at around 4.30pm, but by 5pm he had failed to turn up.

As he prepared the family meal and
became 'frustrated 'by not knowing where she was and sent messages on
Facebook asking if anyone had seen her.

Just before 6pm police were informed that she had not returned home and a patrol took details of the missing girl.

However at 8pm, as he and his wife
sat in the living room, they heard a tapping on the glass of the front
door and on the doorstep stood their daughter 'dishevelled and panicky
'with her clothes in disarray.

Terrifying assault: The girl finally reached home at 8pm and was taken to hospital for surgery

Terrifying assault: The girl finally reached home at 8pm and was taken to hospital for surgery

As they sat her on the settee and he
hugged his daughter 'to reassure her she was okay now,'she said she 'had
been attacked and she thought she had been raped.”

In his statement read to the Old Bailey, he said: 'As you can imagine we were all upset by this.

'I had my arm around comforting her.
She said the man who attacked her had left a glove in her mouth. She
said it was really hard to breathe and thought she was going to die.'

Rosina Cottage, QC, prosecuting, said Jaji had 'an interest in pre-pubescent girls'.

The previous year, Jaji had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and robbing another girl dressed in her school uniform.

Jaji was arrested for the park attack a few days later after CCTV was viewed, and his bedroom searched.

A book was found about a little girl
being sexually assaulted, ads for child care vacancies and a picture of a
little girl in Australia marked FC – a possible reference to Facebook.

There was also an article about missing April Jones, 'the little girl who was taken', said Miss Cottage.