First Christmas with his girls for father wrongly jailed for child cruelty

First Christmas with his girls for father wrongly jailed for child crueltyFamily broken up in 2007 when Ben Butler was accused of abusing child Ellie Mr Butler was forced to share jail cell with a convicted child abuserParents say reuniting with kids is like 'suddenly having grown up twins'The girls and their parents are enjoying their first Christmas as 'a proper family' | UPDATED: 00:05 GMT, 24 December 2012 With their two smiling daughters cuddled up on his knee and his loving partner by his side, Ben Butler looks every inch the contented father. But such scenes of simple domestic bliss are a new experience for all of them – after the family was ripped apart when he was wrongly jailed for child cruelty. It took three years to clear his name and two more for he and the girls' mother Jennie Gray to win back Ellie and Isabella after a series of legal battles.

Mario Balotelli given a lesson in Christmas wrapping by teammate Carlos Tevez

'Mario, use your head a bit!' Eccentric striker Balotelli given hilarious lesson in Christmas wrapping by teammate TevezMario Balotelli fails miserably to wrap his gifts in hilarious YouTube videoArgentine Tevez tells teammate: 'No wonder people say that you are daft' | UPDATED: 14:52 GMT, 17 December 2012 Eccentric Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli might be deadly in front of goal but he proved that he's not quite so sharp with a pair of scissors and a roll of wrapping paper. In a hilarious two minute clip the apparently clueless Italian ace is shown how to wrap his Christmas gifts by teammate Carlos Tevez.

Christmas: Pets get more presents than partners say Pets At Home

Sorry, darling, I spent all the Christmas cash on Fido: Pet owners splurge more money on presents for their animals than for partners At least 75% of pet-owners buy gifts for their four-legged friendsSome 66% spend more on a pet than a partnerAverage spend is 38Pets At Home have already sold 49,000 pet advent calenders in the UK | UPDATED: 11:07 GMT, 30 November 2012 Britain's boyfriends and girlfriends may well be getting present envy this festive season. Especially when they look under the tree on Christmas morning and find the dog has more presents than they do