The real life sleeping beauty: Teenager suffers from rare condition which makes her nod off for 12 DAYS at a time

The real-life sleeping beauty, 17, who has illness which makes her belt out songs while snoozing for 12 DAYS at a timeShannon Magee has rare neurological disorder called Kleine-Levin SyndromeSuffers bizarre episodes where she will sleepwalk naked and gorge sweetsHas slept through Christmases, skiing holidays and even her GCSE examsLikens illness, dubbed Sleeping Beauty syndrome, to 'being awake in coma' | UPDATED: 13:28 GMT, 27 December 2012 'Like being awake in a coma': Teenager Shannon Magee suffers from a rare disorder which makes her sleep for nearly a fortnight at a time A teenager has been dubbed a real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' after being struck down by a medical condition which makes her nod off for almost 12 days at a time.

Winter vomiting bug hits 700,000 people as early onset of virus catches NHS "unawares"

Winter vomiting bug hits 700,000 people as early onset of virus catches NHS 'unawares' | UPDATED: 09:35 GMT, 5 December 2012 Increase: Almost 700,000 people have been struck down by norovirus Hundreds of thousands have been struck down with the winter vomiting bug, according to figures. The number of confirmed cases of norovirus is already up two-thirds compared to this time last year and experts warn they will only rise further over the next few weeks

UK floods: The city that sank in the storm: Woman dies as 5ft wall of water drives hundreds from their homes

Making a splash: A refuse lorry speeds through a flooded road in St Asaph as the North Wales city fills up with water Soaked city: Shocked residents woke to police officers knocking on doors yesterday morning to tell them to leave their homes Massive operation: North Wales Police, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Welsh Ambulance Service, the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency and the RNLI are working together to beat the crisis National concern: David Cameron meets James Rice, in Buckfastleigh, near Exeter, and surveys the flood damage to his house Dirty floors: Musky Kendall, from Buckfastleigh, tell the PM how quickly water rose inside her house during the flooding Prime Minister David Cameron, walks through Buckfastleigh, near Exeter, which was hit by a flash flood last week John Curtin, of the EA, said: 'Further flooding is expected in the next few days and communities across the country, particularly in north-east England, North Wales, Northamptonshire, are urged to remain especially vigilant.' The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings – meaning 'be aware' – for North East England and Yorkshire & Humber. The warning read: 'Whilst rainfall amounts will be much lower than of late, river levels are very high and further showers running into the area could exacerbate conditions locally.