Amazing FOUR BILLION-PIXEL interactive panorama gives you a 360-degree view of Mars as if standing next to Curiosity rover

The picture that makes you feel as if you're on Mars: FOUR BILLION pixel interactive panorama gives you a 360-degree view as if you're standing next to the Curiosity rover Photographer Andrew Bodrov used 407 pictures from two Curiosity cameras to make the interactive image By Helen Lawson PUBLISHED: 20:32 GMT, 30 March 2013 | UPDATED: 08:10 GMT, 31 March 2013 Ever wondered what it would be like to gaze across the surface of Mars Thanks to one photographer, you can – with only a click of the mouse. Andrew Bodrov spent two weeks creating the interactive image using 407 pictures from the narrow angle and medium angle cameras on the head of Nasa's Curiosity rover and a bit of digital retouching. '[The camera] is only two megapixels, which by today's standards is not huge,' he told Popular Science.