Schoolboy Michael Delaney hours from death after swallowing magnetic tongue studs

Schoolboy nearly died after swallowing magnetic tongue studs designed to look like a piercing Magnets are designed to sit on either side of the tongue to hold stud in place Michael Delaney needed surgery after accidentally swallowing them Magnets ripped through his intestines and acid damaged his bowelTeenager was four hours from death when he had life-saving surgery | UPDATED: 09:15 GMT, 11 December 2012 Michael Delaney was forced to undergo major surgery after swallowing his magnetic tongue studs A fashion craze almost cost a teenage boy his life after he swallowed the magnetic tongue studs he was wearing. Michael Delaney, 15, was only hours from death and needed surgery when the studs, which are much more powerful than ordinary magnets, began making holes in his digestive system