Real-life Ocean"s Eleven: Australian casino loses 32m after "high roller" guest colludes with staff to spy on other players

Real-life Ocean's Eleven: Australian casino loses $32m after 'high roller' guest colludes with staff to spy on other players Large-scale sting drawn comparisons to blockbuster Ocean's ElevenDiscovered by horrified bosses at Melbourne casino a few weeks ago Crown Casino in Melbourne says it is in a good position to recover moneyHacked into CCTV in casino and then relayed back information to player By Helen Lawson PUBLISHED: 14:06 GMT, 15 March 2013 | UPDATED: 17:31 GMT, 15 March 2013 Con artists managed to pull off a $32 million heist after hacking into a casino's security cameras. The large-scale sting, which has drawn comparisons to Hollywood blockbuster film Ocean's Eleven, was discovered by horrified bosses at Crown Casino in Melbourne a few weeks ago

Sundial theft: Thieves who stole 500,000 Henry Moore sculpture and sold it for just 46 jailed for a year each

Thieves stole 'priceless' Henry Moore sculpture for scrap metal and sold it for just 46… because they had no idea of true value Liam Hughes, 22, and Jason Parker, 19, stole the Working Model for Sundial from the artist's former home in JulyThey sold the piece – valued at around half a million pounds, to a scrap dealer for 46Pair returned to the Henry Moore Foundation four days later and made off with a bronze plinth worth 100,000, which they sold for 182.60Hughes and Parker both given 12 month jail terms at St Albans Crown Court today | UPDATED: 18:49 GMT, 4 December 2012 Two thieves who stole a 'priceless' artwork by the sculptor Henry Moore and sold it at a scrapyard for 46 have each been jailed for a year