The baby diagnosed with lethal heart condition after photos showed he was turning blue

Saved by a photo shoot: Baby diagnosed with lethal heart condition after family got their snaps back – and realised he was turning blue Danny Davies looked slightly purple when he was born, but doctors assumed he was simply bruised by his arrivalHad professional pictures taken of him at just a few weeks oldWhen the snaps came back, his parents noticed the purple blotches had worsenedTests reveled he had low oxygen levels caused by rare heart defect | UPDATED: 16:36 GMT, 18 December 2012 When Neil and Fran Davies booked a professional photography session, they had hoped to get treasured family snaps of their son Danny at just a few weeks old. They never imagined it would show up tell-tale signs that he was seriously ill

Imogen Daly: Mother donates half of her LIVER to save her baby daughter"s life

Mother donates half of her LIVER to save her baby daughter's life after she is diagnosed with rare condition Imogen Daly was diagnosed with a rare, life threatening liver condition called biliary atresia when she was just nine weeks oldLittle girl was on transplant list for five months but began deteriorating Family friend told her mother Charlotte Rogers about living liver transplantsSurgeons took left side of Ms Rogers' liver and transplanted it into ImogenBoth mother and daughter's liver's will re-grow to a full size | UPDATED: 19:16 GMT, 4 December 2012 Like any parent, Charlotte Rogers would do anything for her baby daughter. So when she was given the option of saving her life, she certainly didn't think twice.