Recycling? Women have got it all sorted as it is revealed wives force their husbands to follow the rules

Recycling Women have got it all sorted (and it's wives who force their men to follow the rules) 80 per cent of couples throw away rubbish in environmentally friendly wayBut only 58 per cent of single men bother to recycle | UPDATED: 01:46 GMT, 31 December 2012 When it comes to recycling, women are definitely the greener sex. A survey found that almost 70 per cent of women who live alone dispose of refuse in an environmentally-friendly way compared with 58 per cent of single men.

The perfect man DOES exist… in fact there are FIVE types of them out there

The perfect man DOES exist … in fact there are FIVE of them out there! Women aged 18-24 are suckers for six packs 25-34 value career driven men 35-44 are happy to date a man 5 years older Women over 45 often date younger men 55+ women still value sexual compatibility and are pickiest daters | UPDATED: 12:00 GMT, 14 December 2012 Many of us look back on our dating past and wonder how on earth we could ever have considered romancing men so incompatible. But new research has found that this is perfectly normal, revealing that women’s tastes change as they get older and proving that there is indeed a ‘perfect man’ for every stage in a woman’s life.

David Cameron is set to offer EU referendum, says London Mayor Boris Johnson

Cameron will offer voters in-out referendum over EU membership, says BorisBoris Johnson 'unveiled' PM's plan to hold a referendum on EU | UPDATED: 08:05 GMT, 10 December 2012 David Cameron is preparing to promise a referendum offering either a new, looser relationship with the EU or a British exit, Boris Johnson suggested yesterday. The Prime Minister will set out his thinking on Britain’s future in Europe in a major speech within weeks amid growing agitation in the Tory party over the issue