Aesha Mohammadzai: Brave Time cover girl tortured by Afghan husband wants to "live and love"

Brave Time cover girl whose Afghan husband sliced off her nose pictured enjoying her new life in America as she reveals she's 'not scared to look in the mirror anymore' Aesha Mohammadzai moved to the US in 2010 and lives in Maryland Tortured by her Afghan husband when she tried to escape forced marriageBut her facial rebuilding treatment at hospital is now reaching halfway point | UPDATED: 20:26 GMT, 18 December 2012 A young woman who was brutally tortured in Afghanistan by her husband after she tried to escape their abusive forced marriage is on the road to recovery as doctors continue to rebuild her face.

Want to avoid flu? Stop touching your face!

Want to avoid flu Stop touching your face! Many opportunities to in between hand-washing sessions to re-contaminate our hands, warn expertsKeeping your hands away from your nose and mouth could give you extra protection against viruses | UPDATED: 18:24 GMT, 30 November 2012 Scroll down for video With winter upon us offices across Britain are full of coughing and spluttering workers. But those who are determined to avoid picking up a nasty virus should take note – washing your hands regularly is not enough to keep yourself germ free. Researchers have found that we 'inoculate' ourselves with bacteria and viruses by touching our mouths and noses with our hands after brushing contaminated surfaces