Woman drivers pay the price of equality as their insurance premiums soar (but drops for men)

Woman drivers pay the price of equality as their insurance premiums soar (but drops for men) , insurers are no longer able to use gender as a factor when pricing insurance.’ Opponents of the gender rules had argued – unsuccessfully – that women deserved to pay less because, statistically they were less of a risk so deserved to pay lower premiums. Research suggests while women may have more low impact and less costly shunts such as when parking, men tend to have more dramatic and costly crashes. But the EU ruled that despite this it statistical trend was wrong to discriminate on grounds of gender.

Syria: Video captures bravery of teenage boy, 17, risking his life to save total stranger

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Staggering bravery of the boy, 17, who risked his life to rescue stranger shot by a sniper in Syria only to find she was dead Teenager's selfless attempt to rescue the woman filmed in Aleppo Russia says President Assad is losing control of the country to the rebels Syrian government denies firing scud missiles at rebel areas MSF – also known as Doctors Without Borders – says tens of thousands of Syrians are trapped by fighting in Deir al-ZorReports that survivors in Aleppo are being starved out by Assad's regime | UPDATED: 09:43 GMT, 14 December 2012 Body pressed flat against the pavement, a 17-year-old boy is caught on film putting his own life in danger to rescue a total stranger shot by a sniper in Syria. The woman had been walking through the streets of war torn Aleppo with her son when a gunman opened fire and shot her. Rebel fighter Abdullah, 17, spotted the woman and decided he had to get her to safety.