GPs told to prescribe cheaper drugs to help NHS save billions of pounds a year

GPs told to prescribe cheaper drugs to help cure NHS overspend by billions of pounds a yearPrescribing generic alternatives to branded drugs 'could save billions'Swapping could free up money for other areas of the NHS | UPDATED: 08:29 GMT, 31 December 2012 Report: Prescribing generic alternatives to expensive branded drugs could save the NHS billions, a new study claims Doctors could save the NHS billions of pounds a year by ditching expensive branded drugs in favour of prescribing cheaper, equally-effective alternatives, new research has found. More than 200 million was unnecessarily spent on two types of costly statin drugs alone in the last year, despite doctors usually being advised to prescribe better value options, the study said. The wider issue of inefficient spending on prescriptions where far cheaper generic equivalents exist is estimated to cost the NHS 1billion a year, data company Mastodon C said.