Jose Luiz Datena: Brazilian news anchor negotiates live on the air with man holding his family hostage

Brazilian crime show presenter successfully negotiates live on air with knifeman holding his family hostage The suspect asked police to let him talk to TV host Jose Luiz Datena Police agreed and Mr Datena negotiated with the man for 20 minutesHe finally agreed to free his sister and mother, who he was holding hostageMr Datena said he 'regretted' being a part of the incident | UPDATED: 19:50 GMT, 1 December 2012 A Brazilian news anchor found himself in the middle of a nerve wracking hostage situation after the suspect asked to speak to him while holding his family hostage with a knife.

Terrifying TV prank sees participants stuck in a lift with no power… and then a ghost girl appears

Is this the most terrifying prank ever TV films oblivious participants stuck in lift with no power… and their horrified reaction as 'ghost girl' appears from nowhere | UPDATED: 07:43 GMT, 28 November 2012 Being stuck in a lift without power or light is an unsettling experience for most people. But throw in a little ghost girl who seemingly suddenly appears from nowhere and it becomes terrifying.