2013 trends: Anne Shooter predicts the bizarre food coming our way

Ugh! Look what's for dinner in 2013! From cuttlefish and chips to bacon chocolate, the Mail's food writer predicts the bizarre food trends coming our way | UPDATED: 10:44 GMT, 29 December 2012 Fancy some Korean fermented cabbage Or how about oxcheek doughnuts It’s not only clothes that have trends — food is just as susceptible to the fickle world of fashion. Here, Daily Mail food writer ANNE SHOOTER gives her predictions for the hottest foods of 2013…  Bon appetit! Anne Shooter has predicted what foods are going to hit the big time in 2013 Have a haute dog Gourmet: Hot dogs are going up in the world thanks to steak restaurant Hawksmoor and Bubbledogs in London Remember a few years ago when posh burger bars were popping up everywhere Well, now it’s the turn of the humble hot dog to go gourmet

Only 97 days to go: Supermarkets under fire for selling Easter eggs – on Christmas Eve

Only 97 days to go: Supermarkets under fire for selling Easter eggs – on Christmas Eve Tesco has been criticised after putting Easter eggs on sale earlyOther supermarkets have also been stocking Easter goods before ChristmasThe Church of England say that shops shouldn't be selling Easter eggs now | UPDATED: 16:42 GMT, 24 December 2012 You may be looking forward to tucking into your turkey or unwrapping those long-awaited Christmas gifts, but it seems that Britain's supermarkets are already looking to capitalise on the next major UK religious holiday. With Easter still a little under 100 days away, supermarket giant Tesco has come under fire – for having its chocolate eggs on sale already. Shocked shoppers spotted the eggs on sale last week and many took to Twitter to vent their disbelief.