Clegg jumps on the royal bandwagon

Nick Clegg jumps on the royal bandwagon | UPDATED: 23:01 GMT, 9 December 2012 Clegg went out of his way to issue a gushing statement congratulating Will and Kate on their good news Thanks to his never-ending quest to find a point to his political existence, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will rush through Parliament a law change to ensure that if William and Kate have a daughter, she will be the automatic heir to the throne.

What is Red Eds new guru talking about?

What is Red Ed’s new guru talking about | UPDATED: 22:03 GMT, 2 December 2012 Ed Miliband is widely mocked for the number of Left-wing intellectuals he has brought into his inner circle as he tries to work out what he stands for. Indeed, some might say Red Ed changes gurus more often than Chelsea FC changes managers. He has now enlisted Professor Marc Stears, a Left-wing academic from University College, Oxford