Nearly 50,000 primary school children let down by failing schools according to official league tables

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Nearly 50,000 children let down by failing primary schools that let bright starters 'fall back into the pack' 49,678 top performers at age seven did not continue on same trajectory Department for Education describes trend as 'unacceptable'Results from SATs however show maths and English grades up on last year | UPDATED: 00:35 GMT, 14 December 2012 Let down: Four in ten children who were high-fliers at seven achieved only average grades in national tests aged 11 Almost 50,000 of the brightest children have been failed at primary school despite a rise in headline pass rates, official league tables revealed yesterday. Four in ten who were high-fliers at the age of seven failed to reach their potential and achieved only average grades in national tests at 11. School-by-school tables for more than 15,000 primaries show that national results in English and maths SATs tests were markedly up on last year.