Diners order less when they know how much exercise would be needed to burn off their meal

Struggling to say no to dessert We make healthier food choices if we see how much EXERCISE it takes to burn off a meal Diners choose less calories when shown exercise needed to burn it off But knowing calories in food does not affect calories we eat at restaurants By Nick Mcdermott, Science Reporter PUBLISHED: 19:04 GMT, 23 April 2013 | UPDATED: 02:30 GMT, 24 April 2013 For those of us that struggle to say no to dessert, a reminder of the consequences might help us when we need to resist temptation. Researchers found that when diners were shown the amount of exercise needed to burn off an item of food on a menu, they chose a less calorific option. However if they were simply provided with nutritional data, they failed to opt for healthier selections.

Anyone for crap eggs with a side of wild speculation? Hilarious menu items that will make you not want to order them

Anyone for crap eggs with a side of nausea sauce Hilarious mistranslated menu items that will definitely not whet your appetite | UPDATED: 04:10 GMT, 25 December 2012 Who’s in the mood for some crap eggs with bamboo flavor How about some half grilled chicken & herpes or the car hit cheese bacon mushroom face Below are 15 hilarious menu items, mostly from East Asian countries, that got lost in translation. The photos of the funny food items are courtesy of BusinessPundit.com. Laugh as you scroll down and try not to lose your lunch thinking about them too hard.

Better-off families are changing eating habits and shopping for bargains as they struggle to make ends meet

Even better-off families are shopping for bargains as they struggle to make ends meet Food price rises have outpaced wage increasesHousehold budgets have been stretched to breaking pointShoppers are increasingly turning to bargain deals, multi-buy offers and vouchers to put enough food on the table | UPDATED: 08:37 GMT, 13 December 2012 Families are changing their daily diet to match the bargain food offers from supermarkets amid the longest cost of living squeeze in at least 100 years.

One in four parents now think heating up baked beans counts as cooking, while favourites like Bakewell Tart are dying out, study finds

One in four parents now think heating up a tin of baked beans counts as cooking, study finds Only a third of British parents spend more than 40 minutes preparing foodJust 19 per cent of us cook properly every night, while old favourites like Bakewell Tart are dying out | UPDATED: 17:28 GMT, 11 December 2012 A quarter of parents now regard heating up baked beans or putting a frozen pizza in the oven as ‘cooking’, according to a new study. The researchers concluded that British people are in danger of losing their cooking skills as more of us rely on ready meals. Another finding was that traditional British dishes such as Bakewell Tart and steak and kidney pie are in danger of dying out

Blonde teaching assistant had unprotected sex with underage male pupils after grooming them with naked picture messages

Blonde teaching assistant, 42, had unprotected sex with underage boys after grooming them with naked text messages and trips to KFCThe supply teacher and mentor groomed boys by taking them out for food She performed sex acts on them during free period and detentionMarried Emma Webb sent explicit text messages and took pupils to her home for sexThe mother of two even joked with one boy about having his baby She was sentenced to 32 months in jail after admitting to 30 charges | UPDATED: 19:46 GMT, 3 December 2012 Jailed: Emma Webb had sex with teenage pupils during their free periods at the school and her home A blonde teaching assistant had unprotected sex with five teenage boys in her care and sent them pictures of herself playing with sex toys. Married Emma Webb, 42, performed sex acts on the pupils – aged 15 to 17 – during free period and detention at the Berkshire school. She groomed them by taking them out for meals at Kentucky Fried Chicken and giving them lifts to school, Reading Crown Court heard.

Sunderland monkey gesture fan: I was doing a chicken dance not being racist towards West Brom"s Romelu Lukaku

'I was doing a chicken dance!' Sunderland fan accused of monkey gesture protests his innocence | UPDATED: 13:02 GMT, 30 November 2012 The Sunderland fan accused of making a racist monkey gesture at West Brom's on-loan striker Romelu Lukaku has claimed he was ‘doing a chicken dance.’ Liam Jones, 21, was arrested after pictures appeared to show him directing the gesture at the Belgium striker after he scored at the Stadium of Light last Saturday. Mr Jones, of Hendon, Sunderland, insists that – although he can understand concerns about photo – he was actually doing an impression of a chicken, not a monkey. I'm innocent: Liam Jones, 21, from Sunderland, pictured here (grey sweater, flat cap, centre of frame) claims he was doing a chicken dance and was not directing racist monkey gesture at Romelu Lukaku (right) Controversial moment: Mr Jones (grey sweater, flat cap, centre of frame) makes a gesture at Lukaku after the Belgium striker scored last Saturday Northumbria Police received a complaint after a supporter in the North Stand was spotted carrying out the alleged abuse when Lukaku scored his team’s third goal in a 4-2 win for West Brom.