MP proposes Duchess of Cambridge should be called "Princess Consort" when William becomes King

Why Kate may never become Queen: MP proposes Duchess should be given title of 'Princess Consort' when William becomes King MP John Hemming wants amendment to repeal of royal primogeniture lawsWives of ruling Kings adopt title of Queen Consort under current rulesBut husbands of monarchs have no official title – we don't have 'King Philip'Hemming to ask Commons to consider amendment to repeal next month | UPDATED: 10:54 GMT, 30 December 2012 The Duchess of Cambridge is facing the prospect of never becoming Prince William’s Queen.

Kate Middleton and Prince William to spend Christmas with Middleton family

Kate and Wills to spend Christmas with HER family: Duke and Duchess spend day at the Middletons' instead of Sandringham Couple break with tradition to spend quiet day in Bucklebury, BerkshireThey will visit Royal Family in Sandringham over festive period Pregnant Kate will get more rest at her family home than with Queen | UPDATED: 15:14 GMT, 22 December 2012 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to spend Christmas at the Middleton family home. Prince William will join Kate Middleton's family at their house in Bucklebury, Berkshire, Clarence House announced today. Speculation had been mounting in recent days over whether Kate would join the Royal Family for their annual Christmas festivities at Sandringham.

Prince Charles reported to the revenue over "well entrenched tax avoidance scheme" on 18m earnings

Prince Charles reported to the revenue over 'well entrenched tax avoidance scheme' on 18m earnings | UPDATED: 12:51 GMT, 15 December 2012 Prince Charles, seen in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, pays income tax on the Duchy Prince Charles has been reported to the taxman over claims the Duchy of Cornwall is a 'well entrenched tax avoidance scheme'. Clarence House defended the Prince of Wales' financial arrangements today after an organisation compared the royal to Starbucks and Google, who recently come under the spotlight for their tax arrangements. Republic, which campaigns for an elected head of state, said it had written to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Margaret Hodge, chairwoman of the Public Accounts Committee, asking them to investigate the 728 million organisation's tax arrangements