Sandy Hook shooting: First-graders tried to make a run from crazed gunman Adam Lanza but were shot dead

Revealed: How shooter coldly gunned down six terrified first-graders after they tried to run for safety from their classroom closet Six children tried to escape and were shot dead; the seven who stayed in hiding survived Father Neil Heslin said son Jesse Lewis was one of the students who tried to flee, adding: 'I can see him making that choice and just doing something'Victoria Soto, 27, sacrificed herself to save her first grade students by throwing her body in front of gunman Adam Lanza Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach were also killed execution-style after confronting LanzaA fourth teacher has been named as Lauren Rousseau, 30 | UPDATED: 19:41 GMT, 17 December 2012 Six of the children killed in the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook school were gunned down as they made a brave escape attempt, it emerged today. The first-graders had been hidden in a closet by teacher Victoria Soto when the first gunshots rang out at the elementary School in Newtown on Friday morning

Top university rails at social engineering "dishonesty"

Top university admits it struggles to admit disadvantaged students without resorting to social engineering University said it struggled to admit more deprived students because few make the gradeInstitution – where Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met – said time to 'stop demonising higher education for poor progression rates’. | UPDATED: 02:05 GMT, 27 November 2012 A leading university has admitted it is struggling to admit more disadvantaged students without resorting to ‘utterly dishonest’ social engineering.