Simon Morris claims he was asleep and can"t remember alleged sex attack due to "sexsomnia"

I didn't rape girl of 15… I suffer from sexsomnia: Actor claims he was asleep and can't remember attack Simon Morris, 42, described history of having sex with partners while asleep Told Cardiff Crown Court he had tests to 'try to understand' the conditionStarred in film alongside Michael Caine, in Hollyoaks and the West End | UPDATED: 20:46 GMT, 13 December 2012 Sexsomnia: Actor Simon Morris, 42, pictured, who is accused of raping a teenage girl told Cardiff Crown Court that he had no recollection of the alleged rape An actor accused of raping a teenage girl yesterday blamed it on ‘sexsomnia’, a condition which he claims causes him to have sex in his sleep

Reg Traviss rape trial: Amy Winehouse"s ex "raped sleeping friend"

Amy Winehouse's ex-boyfriend 'raped sleeping friend and kept her underwear – then told her: I always wanted to do this to you' Film director Reg Traviss faces two counts of rape after drunken night out Accused of raping female friend at his London flat and keeping underwear The 35-year-old denies the charges and claims the sex was consensual | UPDATED: 09:35 GMT, 11 December 2012 The former fiance of singer Amy Winehouse raped a friend as she slept and then told her: ‘I always wanted to do this to you’, a court heard yesterday. Film director Reg Traviss, 35, attacked the fashion designer, a friend of five years, twice in his flat after a drunken night out, it was alleged. After the attack he told her he was going to keep her underwear, it was claimed