Osborne"s position is safe, insists no 10, dismissing talk of William Hague replacing him as Chancellor

Osborne's position is safe, insists Downing Street: No 10 dismisses talk of Hague moving in as Chancellor Downing Street guaranteed George Osborne will stay in his job until 2015Some Tories called for William Hague or Philip Hammond to take the positionTory high command is quietly encouraged by positive signs in the economySource said that the more you criticise Cameron's team the less likely he is to change it PUBLISHED: 00:13 GMT, 1 April 2013 | UPDATED: 02:13 GMT, 1 April 2013 Downing Street guaranteed George Osborne will stay in his job until 2015 last night as the Treasury hailed a new corporation tax cut as a way to boost the faltering economy.

The great Christmas Eve skive! Record numbers head to work on Monday

The great Christmas Eve skive: Record numbers head to work on Monday… but many admit to focusing on online shopping | UPDATED: 20:27 GMT, 21 December 2012 Many workers suffer the Monday blues, a day where they try to shake off the excesses of the weekend and prepare themselves for yet another week of work

Every steak in UK restaurants is raised on GM feed, says Cabinet minister in charge of farming

Every restaurant steak comes from cattle given GM feed, claims ministerEnvironment Secretary Owen Paterson said there are 'real environmental benefits' to GM technologyMr Paterson claimed public concerns about genetically modified food were unfounded | UPDATED: 00:49 GMT, 11 December 2012 Fears over Frankenstein Foods are ‘humbug’, the new farming minister insisted yesterday, arguing that many Britons happily eat beef from cattle fed on GM crops. Addressing public concern about the genetically modified food industry’s increasing influence, Owen Paterson said: ‘There isn’t a single piece of meat being served [in a typical London restaurant] where a bullock hasn’t eaten some GM feed