Gay marriage law: Baroness Warsi claims equality could have string of "unintended consequences"

Now PM's faith minister attacks gay marriage law: Warsi claims equality could have string of 'unintended consequences'Letter leaked to Daily Mail reveals Baroness Warsi is breaking ranks She demands to know how gay marriage will be taught in schools Ex-Tory chairman's move will embolden other MPs to oppose bill | UPDATED: 08:28 GMT, 13 December 2012 Baroness Warsi has broken ranks on gay marriage to warn it could have a string of 'unintended consequences' The minister for faith has broken ranks on gay marriage to warn that David Cameron’s controversial legislation could have a string of ‘unintended consequences’. In a letter leaked to the Daily Mail, Baroness Warsi suggests schools could be required to teach about same-sex unions, while individual priests and churches who refuse to conduct them risk being sued. Her intervention will embolden more than 100 Tory MPs who are threatening to vote against the legislation in the New Year

Portrait of a nation bursting at the seams

Portrait of a nation bursting at the seams | UPDATED: 00:18 GMT, 12 December 2012 In one extraordinary statistic after another, the results of the 2011 census spell out the most dramatic demographic upheaval in our country’s history. Some 7.5million foreign-born residents in England and Wales, most arriving in the last ten years… four million fewer Christians, with the number of Muslims almost doubling to 2.7million… Fewer than half London’s 8.2million residents describing themselves as white British… overall numbers up by 3.7million, the biggest surge in two centuries… The number of people living in England and Wales who were born overseas has risen by nearly three million to 7.5m Indeed, the make-up of many of our communities has been transformed, permanently and beyond recognition, since Labour threw open our borders at the beginning of the new millennium. This paper takes pride in Britain’s long tradition of offering a haven to settlers from overseas

Gay couples can now "convert" civil partnerships to marriage in secret for 100

Gay couples who are in a civil partnership will be able to 'upgrade' it to marriage, complete with certificate, for 100Conversion would see same-sex couple able to change the legal status of their civil partnershipEquality campaigners condemn decision not to allow straight marriages to convert into civil partnershipsTory MP Peter Bone say it undermines marriage | UPDATED: 20:35 GMT, 11 December 2012 Thousands of gay couples in civil partnerships will be able to ‘convert’ their relationships to marriage in return for a 100 administration fee. Around 50,000 couples will be able to change the legal status of their relationship by simply filling in a form and popping it in the post along with a cheque to cover the cost of issuing a marriage certificate. In effect, the change in the law will mean that some gay couples will be able to get married without even having a wedding, with the result that some couples could become married in secret.

Mrs Miller rode the seas like a tugboat going about its business

Mrs Miller rode the seas like a tugboat going about its business | UPDATED: 22:52 GMT, 3 December 2012 Harriet Harman, ripened by years of feminist displeasure at topless jubblies in the red-tops, rose to speak in the Leveson debate. Her moment had finally come. She was a magnolia grandiflora whose rare petals were about to part, or one of those Aussie outback plants that shoot but once in a decade

Leveson Inquiry: Press intrusion victims refuse to meet Culture Secretary in anger over David Cameron"s reaction to the Leveson report

Press intrusion victims refuse to meet Culture Secretary in anger over David Cameron's reaction to Leveson's findingsGerry and Kate McCann and Sally and Bob Dowler rejected an invitation to discuss the Leveson Report with Culture Secretary Maria MillerAccording to HackedOff campaigners they were 'too angry' to attend J.K. Rowling said she felt 'duped' and 'dismayed' by the Prime Minister | UPDATED: 01:57 GMT, 1 December 2012 Prominent victims of press intrusion rejected an invitation to meet with Culture Secretary Maria Miller to discuss the Leveson Report, because they feel ‘let down’ by David Cameron’s reaction to its findings. The group, including Gerry and Kate McCann and the parents of Milly Dowler, said they were too 'angry' to attend the meeting yesterday, according to HackedOff campaigners.

New bishops eulogy to sheep-pickler Hirst

New bishop’s eulogy to sheep-pickler Hirst By Quentin Letts PUBLISHED: 22:11 GMT, 30 November 2012 | UPDATED: 22:11 GMT, 30 November 2012 Those of us who think Damien Hirst’s art derivative, coarse, self-centred, puerile, scatalogical, manipulative, cruel, opportunistic, over-priced, anti-intellectual and, in those and many other respects, anti-Christian, decadent drivel, are plainly wrong. Hirst is an agent of Jesus Christ, a man of ‘substance’ whose ‘exquisite’ work draws us to a contemplation of Heaven. So, anyway, says the new Bishop Of Chichester

Leveson Inquiry: Report fails to find solution to problem of online journalism and social media

MPs criticise Lord Leveson's 'strange' recipe for press regulation which offers no answers on how to control the internetInternet is 'ethical vacuum' where bloggers act with impunity, says report Highlights growth of social media – but no detailed recommendations Tory chairman of Commons culture committee says response is 'curious' Embarrassing naked images of Prince Harry and Kate used as case studiesLeveson claimed parents 'could control' what their children see onlineMail Online was singled out for its 'phenomenal growth' | UPDATED: 14:20 GMT, 30 November 2012 Lord Leveson was today criticised for his 'strange' plans to regulate the press which almost entirely ignore how millions of people get their news online. The inquiry concluded it was almost impossible to regulate the Internet – but did not make any suggestions for how it could fit with his newspaper rules. Today John Whittingdale, Tory chairman of the Commons culture committee, said it was 'curious' that the judge proposed tight controls on newspapers while doing very little to police new media.

David Cameron: Don"t shackle our free Press say 86 MPs and peers on eve of Leveson report

Don't shackle our free Press say 86 MPs and peers on eve of Leveson report The cross-party group of 86 insist statutory regulation of the media undermines a cornerstone of our democracyThey are urging the Prime Minister to reject any form of regulation Lord Justice Leveson's report into media standards is due to be released There is speculation that Leveson will recommend some form of 'underpinning' in law to a new Press watchdog | UPDATED: 23:30 GMT, 27 November 2012 Dozens of MPs and peers, including nine former Cabinet ministers, today urge David Cameron to resist laws which would shackle Britain’s 300-year-old free Press. On the eve of Lord Justice Leveson’s report into media standards, the cross-party group of 86 insists that any form of statutory regulation risks undermining a cornerstone of our democracy and asks the Prime Minister to reject any form of statutory media regulation.

Cabinet ministers fighting "like rats in a sack" in blame game about lack of growth

Cabinet ministers fighting 'like rats in a sack' in blame game about lack of growth David Cameron and George Osborne single out ministers at Cabinet meeting for not focusing on jobs and growthDepartments for culture, business, environment and communities among those singled outLabour leader Ed Miliband says ministers are fighting 'like rats in a sack' Chancellor is under pressure ahead of Autumn Statement next week with growth forecasts making grim reading | UPDATED: 14:26 GMT, 28 November 2012 Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement to the Commons on Wednesday Senior Cabinet ministers are embroiled in a blame game over who is responsible for the lack of economic growth.

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw tweets horror at state of Parliament"s crumbling plumbing

'Urine is pouring through my ceiling': Labour MP Ben Bradshaw tweets horror at state of Parliament's crumbling plumbing Former Culture Secretary uses Twitter to reveal his office 'stinks' after urinal springs a leakExeter MP thanks staff for wearing strong perfume to disguise the smell Houses of Parliament are in need of urgent repairs worth 1.6billion | UPDATED: 17:39 GMT, 28 November 2012 A former Cabinet minister tonight revealed urine has been pouring through the ceiling of his Commons office. Labour MP Ben Bradshaw took to Twitter to complain that his office ‘stinks’ after sewage from a toilets above his office seeped through Parliament’s crumbling walls. The former Culture Secretary revealed Victorian copper piping was to blame for the disgusting plumbing problem which has plagued his office for two days.