"Bismarck receiving first torpedo": Rare photos chronicle race to sink the pride of Hitler"s fleet

'Bismarck receiving first torpedo': Rare photos chronicle race to sink the pride of Hitler's fleet in 1941 Photo archive unearthed after 71 yearsOne image taken from reconnaissance aircraft records moment the enemy battleship was first sighted off GreenlandBismarck had sunk HMS Hood days earlier, killing 1,415 menSwordfish bi-planes and crew are seen on standby on deck of aircraft carrier HMS VictoriousPhotos – made into picture postcards – given to carrier crew as souvenirs | UPDATED: 01:44 GMT, 13 December 2012 It was more than just a dark plume of smoke on the horizon – for this was the moment that marked the turning point of World War Two, and the end of a great German battleship's reign of terror. Just days earlier, in 1941, the Bismarck had sunk HMS Hood during the Battle of the Denmark Strait.

London bar accused of selling illegal whale skin cocktail

London bar raided after selling a cocktail 'flavoured with whale skin' Nightjar in Hoxton, east London, sold drink called Moby Dick, allegedly with 'infused whale skin'Police raided venue after tip-off from animal conservationistsWhale banned from sale in most of Europe | UPDATED: 10:28 GMT, 9 December 2012 A London cocktail bar has outraged animal conservationists after it was discovered selling a cocktail allegedly flavoured with whale skin. Whale is banned from sale in Europe as part of EU protection policies, but it would appear the Nightjar bar in Hoxton, east London, has been flouting those rules. A cocktail called the Moby Dick is described on the bar's menu as containing Laphroaig whiskey, Drambuie, ale and bitters – and a 'whale skin infusion'