A man was given a powerful cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs after being mistaken for an escaped mental health patient

Man mistaken for escaped mentally-ill patient is held by police and given cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs before hospital realises its mistakeMan was picked up by police who mistook him for the escaped patientDetained in hospital where he was given powerful drugs which made him illAuthorities have now opened investigations into the incident | UPDATED: 19:34 GMT, 26 December 2012 A man fell ill after being given anti-psychotic drugs when he was mistaken for a patient who had escaped from mental health hospital. The man was picked up by police and detained at Graylands Hospital, in Perth, Australia, after a patient escaped in mid-December. Authorities did not realise they had the wrong man until after they gave him the powerful drugs, leading to him needing hospital treatment.

Sir Richard Branson tells Virgin Mobile to pull "ill-judged" adverts that critics say makes fun of rape

'A dreadful mistake was made': Sir Richard Branson tells Virgin Mobile to pull 'ill-judged' advert that critics say makes fun of rape EXCLUSIVE: Virgin founder slams Virgin Mobile US team for online advertSays they 'acknowledge a dreadful mistake was made' and it will be pulled Sir Richard doesn't own the US mobile brand but 'made his thoughts clear' | UPDATED: 00:06 GMT, 10 December 2012 Sir Richard Branson last night attacked an advert for Virgin Mobile US that appears to make light of rape. The online advert shows a man standing behind a woman and covering her eyes with his hand before giving her a small present. The caption reads: ‘The gift of Christmas surprise.