The stunning images of water droplets that show rain can sometimes be a work of art

The mesmerising images of water droplets that show there's no greater artist on Earth than Mother Nature | UPDATED: 15:36 GMT, 27 December 2012 As Britain is lashed by rain and floods, a Russian photographer has captured another side of water in these stunning images of droplets.

The magnificent Instagram images of iconic London in 2012

London, by Instagram: Unusual exhibition of images taken and edited in 2012 using smartphones | UPDATED: 18:14 GMT, 13 December 2012 These dazzling artworks depict the capital in ways never seen before – and they are all photos captured and edited on mobile phones. The images, edited using smartphone app Instagram, are part of Iconic London 2012, which showcases the work of some of the best mobile photographers on the arts scene. Instagramers London is exhibiting the work of 30 influential 'IGers', who will each present their own unique vision of the city in a memorable year.