This is not a photograph, honestly! Incredible ink dot paintings so realistic they look just like camera shots

This is NOT a photo: Will incredibly lifelike ink-dot drawing solve riddle of identity of man found naked and with no memory outside Burger King Miguel Endara created image of Benjaman Kyle, found in 2004 in GeorgiaSuffered from retrograde amnesia and had no ID or memory of who he was Doctors named him after B.K. initials of Burger King – where he was foundDrawings took Endara 138 hours with about four dots applied per second | UPDATED: 18:26 GMT, 17 December 2012 If you’re already impressed by this extraordinarily-lifelike portrait of a man created with more than two million ink dots, then just wait until you hear the story behind it.

Arsonist Edward Macdonald tried to set alight to man"s flat while on day release from open Hollesley Bay open prison

'Dangerous' arsonist serving life sentence who was sent to an open prison tried to torch man's flat while on day release Macdonald sentenced to life in 1996 after admitting arson at block of flatsHe failed to return to open prison after day release for community workHe was AWOL for three months before trying to burn down shop and flat | UPDATED: 17:22 GMT, 12 December 2012 Arsonist: Macdonald pleaded guilty to arson with intent to endanger life and arson when he appeared before Norwich Crown Court An arsonist tried to burn down a man's flat after being allowed out of his open prison for a community work placement, a court heard Edward Macdonald, 46, went on the run after being given day release for a community work placement at the Ransomes Europark industrial estate on June 28. Norwich Crown Court heard how he failed to return to Hollesley Bay open prison, Suffolk, having been deemed 'minimal risk' by the prison authorities.