Plane spotting enthusiasts come within inches of death after military aircraft misses runway

Now that's what you call REAL plane spotting! Enthusiasts come within inches of death after military aircraft misses the runway Crowd of 1,000 watching final landing of military plane on Ballenstedt airfield in Saxony-Anhalt, central Germany But pilot of 31-ton Transall C-160 aircraft suddenly reported he couldn't see start of runway from his cockpitBrought aircraft down on a side road where spotters were standing and they almost ended up being crushed | UPDATED: 23:36 GMT, 26 December 2012 For an intrepid band of plane spotters it was the most dramatic experience of their lives – and almost the last thing they saw. A crowd of about 1,000 had gathered to watch the final landing of a military plane which was about to be decommissioned after many years of service

One of the first (and slowest) Ferraris ever built goes on sale for 750,000

Speed freaks look away: Unique Ferrari that could only reach 105mph goes up for sale for 750,000The 1950 Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe is the 37th Ferrari-made road car The car has a modest 2-litre V12 140bhp and a top speed of just 105mphSalesman John Collins describes it as a 'great investment' | UPDATED: 16:21 GMT, 19 December 2012 It may be a long held dream for many car enthusiasts' to put their foot down and hit top speed in a classic Ferrari. But here's one motor made by the Italian car manufacturer that's not for the speed freak