Bread that stays mould-free for two months: American company Microzap uses microwave technology to kill spores that lead to mould

Scientists use their loaf to invent way of keeping bread mould-free for two MONTHSMicrowave technology can kill the spores that lead to mouldAmerican company believes technology could end food wastage Almost one-in-three loaves in the UK is thrown in the bin | UPDATED: 01:03 GMT, 1 December 2012 Scroll down for video Going to waste: An American company says it has developed a technique to keep bread mould-free for two months. It uses microwave technology to kill mould-forming spores With a third of bread bought by the British public ending up in the bin, one company has used its loaf…to develop a technique that keeps the mould away for two months. Scientists claim to have developed a microwave technique which sterilises food without cooking, helping to extend its shelf-life and minimise the use of preservatives.

Gibraltar plans to get rid of half of famous 300-strong colony of apes

'They've lost their fear of humans': Gibraltar to get rid of HALF its 300-strong monkey colony Environment minister: 'They regard humans as a source of rich food'Grandmother was bitten while pushing her baby grandson in a pramGet Our Monkeys Back To Nature bid to teach people not to feed primates Scheme includes possible 'relocation of up to 120 monkeys to north Africa' | UPDATED: 07:49 GMT, 28 November 2012 Pest: Although friendly charming and inquisitive the wild Barbary Macaques are increasingly running riot through the towns streets Almost half of Gibraltar’s famous monkeys could be shipped off the Rock as they are considered 'fearless' of humans. Although friendly, charming and inquisitive, the wild Barbary Macaques are increasingly running riot through the town’s streets. ‘They’ve lost their fear of humans and regard them as a source of rich food,’ said Gibraltar’s Environment Minister Dr John Cortes.