Saad al-Hilli: Orphans of Alps massacre "to be adopted by their aunty" after being put into foster care

Aunt of little girls orphaned in Alps massacre 'wants to adopt them after they were put into foster care'Aunt Fadwa al-Saffar preparing legal bid to become legal guardian of childrenGirls were orphaned in the French alps massacre in September last year Have been placed with foster family but own family want to adopt them /10/1418450360_1935691309001_vs-509109252b13b0e4f9b19e34-1471893301001.jpg” class=”plcHlder” /> Loading video… DM.has('rcpv1935651607001','BC', {'renderConfig' : { 'css' : “videoplayer-large”, 'autoplay' : false, 'muted' : false, 'title' : “Archive footage of Alps massacre”, 'videoId' : 4411, 'adsEnabled' : true, 'playerId' : “1989148206001”, 'playerKey' : “AQ~~,AAAAAFSL1bg~,CmS1EFtcMWELN_eSE9A7gpcGWF5XAVmI”, 'objId' : “rcpv1935651607001”, 'videoPlayer' : “1935651607001”, 'width' : 636, 'height' : 358, 'linkBaseURL' : “” } });

Alps shooting latest – Family"s fury as orphaned Alps girls are "kidnapped by social services" and placed in foster care

'We want to be with you forever': Tears of two girls orphaned in Alps shooting after they were 'kidnapped by social services staff who won't let them live with their surviving relatives' Survivors of gun slaying in French Alps want to live with auntBut Zainab, 7, and Zeena, 4, have been placed with a foster familyGreat-uncle says ordeal is making the tragedy worse for the orphans | UPDATED: 01:56 GMT, 3 December 2012 The girls were left orphaned when their family, including father Saad Al-Hilli (pictured) were gunned down. Now friends and family say they are struggling to see and get information about the sisters The two young survivors of the French Alps massacre have been ‘kidnapped by social services’, it was claimed yesterday. Zainab al-Hilli, seven, and her sister Zeena, four, were orphaned when their parents were gunned down in their BMW on a holiday to Lake Annecy on September 5