Born to be different, babies named Tinkerbell, Nemo and Buzz-Bee

Born to be different, the babies named Tinkerbell, Nemo, Storm and Buzz-Bee Disney characters' names are modern monikers given to babies in 2012Others are Buzz-Bee, Storm, River, Blade, Zico, Sailor, Wade and DieselBliss, Star, Pyper, Kizzie and Buttercup all recorded on birth certificates | UPDATED: 00:04 GMT, 27 December 2012 Tinkerbell and Nemo have long been family favourites as characters on the screen. But it seems they are now becoming family members – as parents choose them as names for their children. The Disney characters’ names – from Finding Nemo and Peter Pan – are some of the less traditional monikers given to babies born in 2012.

Looking for love? According to the people behind the Tube Map app, the solution to your dating woes is Underground

Looking for love According to the people behind the Tube Map app, the solution to your dating woes is Underground One in ten commuters spot someone they find attractive every single day One in 100 have married the person they met below ground | UPDATED: 19:09 GMT, 14 December 2012 If you've been looking for the perfect partner without success, the answer could be deeper than you realised. Deeper underground that is. According to the makers of the Tube Map app, almost half of train travellers say they see someone that takes their fancy at least once a week.

Study find sense of smell the key to finding love

Strong sense of smell is the key to a happy and lasting relationship, scientists say Men without sense of smell have far fewer relationshipsWomen who can't smell lack confidence in their partnersOdour more important than looks for women | UPDATED: 10:55 GMT, 2 December 2012 Research has found men with no sense of smell have far fewer partners than those with, while women are said to place more importance on odour than looks when it comes to finding a soulmate It is said love is blind, but it seems the key to finding 'the one' lies not in the eyes but in your nostrils. New research suggests the way to a happy long-term union could be a good sense of smell, after a study looked for the first time at the importance of a healthy nose on our relationships