A holiday they"ll never forget: Couple stranded in the Amazon after being infected with flesh-eating parasites that crawled out of their skin

A holiday they'll never forget: Couple stranded in the Amazon after being infected with flesh-eating parasites that crawled out of their skinAlly Vagg and boyfriend Bryan Williams got mosquito bites on Amazon trip Fly larvae penetrated bites to live under their skin, feeding on their flesh Parasite could hatch into maggots and crawl out of their skin within weeksAustralian couple stranded in Bolivia until they are free of the parasite By Anna Hodgekiss PUBLISHED: 16:43 GMT, 10 January 2013 | UPDATED: 18:45 GMT, 10 January 2013 For Ally Vagg and her boyfriend Bryan Williams, their trip to the Amazon basin was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime. And it has been just that – but for all the wrong reasons. The couple, from Australia, are now stranded in Bolivia and are not allowed to return home after contracting a rare flesh-eating parasite

Young male lion rescued from wire snare that was trapped round his neck for three years in Tanzania

Incredible story of how the lion condemned to death when his neck was caught in a poacher's snare survived for THREE YEARS after he was fed by his brothers and sisters Lion first spotted with the snare caught around its neck in Mikumi National park in Tanzania in 2009The snare was slowly garroting him to death as he grew in size Varying terrain meant that several attempts to tranquilise the male lion failed But he was kept alive by his pride of lions who brought him food Rangers at Mikumi National Park finally managed to free the lion in August The lion was recently snapped in the wild on the road to recovery | UPDATED: 22:46 GMT, 23 December 2012 A young male lion caught in a snare which slowly tightened around his neck as he grew older has been saved after a rescue operation was launched. The lion was first spotted trapped in the snare in Mikumi National park in Tanzania back in 2009 but several attempts to rescue him failed

Norovirus "plague ship" returns home as sick passengers tell of being "treated like animals"… and liner will still set sail…

Plague ship passengers return home to describe hell of 'vomit-strewn corridors' and how the sick were 'treated like animals' – but Oriana sets off on new cruise TONIGHTAround 300 passengers were struck down with the bug on P&O's Oriana Parts of the ship were closed off to stop the virus spreading any fasterSick passengers 'couldn't get off at ports' and ship ran low on toilet roll Couples who paid up to 1,429 for Christmas trip called it a 'nightmare'Captain even 'admitted the vessel couldn't cope' at height of the epidemicPassengers return to Southampton today but ship will leave again at 8pmBoarding passengers confident they won't be at risk of catching virus | UPDATED: 18:37 GMT, 14 December 2012 Furious passengers today spoke out about their 'holiday from hell' on the 'plague ship' as they stumbled ashore today after a 10-day cruise ruined by an unprecedented outbreak of norovirus. Holidaymakers demanded refunds as they disembarked in Southampton, Hampshire – but shockingly, the P&O ship was preparing to take to the seas again within hours, at 8pm this evening. Passengers are expected to start checking in from 3pm for a 23-night trip to Portugal, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Israel, Greece and Sicily.

Calvin Seibert: Incredible photographs show artist"s amazing geometric sandcastles

Bet he needs more than a bucket and spade! Incredible photographs show artist's amazing geometric sandcastles | UPDATED: 23:52 GMT, 28 November 2012 As any parent will know, building the perfect sandcastle is no easy task. But as these incredible pictures show, sandcastle artist Calvin Seibert has managed it to perfection. He has created these astonishing geometric structures out of one of the world's most delicate mediums.