Lights to be turned off in France to save money and show "sobriety"

Lights to be turned off in France to save money and show 'sobriety' Paris may go dark in the early hours of the morning if new plans go aheadTraders fears the blackout would negatively affect tourism and the economy | UPDATED: 17:33 GMT, 29 December 2012 Paris may lose its trademark glow next year after plans emerged to extinguish its street lighting at night to save money. French President Francois Hollande and his energy minister Delphine Batho are considering turning out the lights in and outside public buildings, offices and shops in the early hours of the morning. If the scheme goes ahead, late-night revellers in the city would be advised to carry torches if they venture out between the hours of 1 and 7am

Margaret Thatcher"s war with treacherous Francois Mitterrand over Exocet missile

Maggie's war with treacherous Mitterrand over Exocet missile: Archive files reveal 'James Bond' plot to hijack aircraft carrying French-made weapons Leaders clashed over sale of French Exocet missiles in 1982Strain revealed in files released under 30-year rule by National ArchivesMI6 plan 'appropriate to a James Bond movie' was proposed to steal missiles | UPDATED: 11:43 GMT, 28 December 2012 In his memoirs, former Defence Secretary Sir John Nott describes France as Britain's 'greatest ally' during the Falklands War. But behind the scenes, the relationship between the two countries was strained almost to breaking point over the sale of French Exocet missiles in 1982, newly released documents reveal.

French President Francois Hollande warns David Cameron he cannot pick and choose from "a la carte" Europe

French President Hollande warns Cameron he cannot pick and choose from 'a la carte' Europe to return powers from Brussels British PM wants to repatriate powers from the EU before putting new settlement to British people in a referendumBut Socialist leader Hollande insists membership of the EU is 'for life' | UPDATED: 16:32 GMT, 14 December 2012 David Cameron has been warned by the French that he cannot treat Europe as an ‘a la carte’ menu, where Britain picks and chooses which bits it likes. French President Francois Hollande insisted signing up to the euro bloc was ‘for life’ and ruled out allowing the UK to take back powers already surrendered to Brussels. Mr Cameron will use a major speech in the New Year to spell out set out his vision on Britain’s place in the European Union, offering a referendum on a new settlement.

Twin portraits: Quebec photographer Francois Brunelle takes pictures of look-alikes

Everybody DOES have a twin: Photographer creates amazing portraits of STRANGERS who look the double of each other | UPDATED: 02:06 GMT, 14 December 2012 At first glance, it's an elegant set of portraits of twins – but look more closely and the secret is revealed.

Oslo protest over Nobel Peace Prize: Thousand march against European Union being given prestigious award

Torch-lit protests against awarding the EU the Nobel Peace Prize ahead of ceremony tomorrow | UPDATED: 10:30 GMT, 10 December 2012 Around 1,000 protesters marched in Oslo yesterday against the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union.