Dressed in clothes for a seven-year-old teaching girls aged 12: Is 3ft tall Azad Singh the world"s smallest teacher?

My pupils call me Little Sir: 3ft tall Azad, 22, achieves his dream to be a teacher (by standing on the desk to reach the board)Azad Singh, 22, has a rare hormone disorder and stopped growing age fiveHe was bullied at school because he is just 3ft tall and weighs less than 3st By Emily Davies PUBLISHED: 00:03 GMT, 5 March 2013 | UPDATED: 04:08 GMT, 5 March 2013 At the age of 18 he was mistaken for a baby and labelled a circus freak, but 3ft tall Azad Singh has achieved his dreams of becoming a teacher – the world's smallest to be precise. Mr Singh has a rare genetic disorder which meant he stopped growing at the age of five and at the age of 22 is trapped in a child's body

One of the first (and slowest) Ferraris ever built goes on sale for 750,000

Speed freaks look away: Unique Ferrari that could only reach 105mph goes up for sale for 750,000The 1950 Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe is the 37th Ferrari-made road car The car has a modest 2-litre V12 140bhp and a top speed of just 105mphSalesman John Collins describes it as a 'great investment' | UPDATED: 16:21 GMT, 19 December 2012 It may be a long held dream for many car enthusiasts' to put their foot down and hit top speed in a classic Ferrari. But here's one motor made by the Italian car manufacturer that's not for the speed freak

The germ-phobic neat freaks who compulsively clean for ten hours a day

From bleaching fruit to scrubbing strangers' bathrooms: The germ-phobic neat freaks who compulsively clean for ten hours a day | UPDATED: 22:51 GMT, 29 November 2012 Do you wipe down your keyboard five times a day Bleach your fruit Disinfect your phone You may be a neat freak, but at least you're not alone. A new TLC special, Neat Freaks, chronicles the weirdest and wackiest sanitation habits that seem perfectly normal to many clean-obsessed people. The one-hour show features Alfreta, a woman who not only cleans her own bathroom, but all the public bathrooms, and strangers’ houses she visits as well.