Bedfordshire Police: Cringeworthy police Christmas crime song fails to hit the right note

‘Simon Cowell would not be impressed’: Cringeworthy Christmas crime song fails to hit the right note Bedfordshire Police has recorded its own version of the Slade festive classic Merry Christmas EverybodyBut not everyone is impressed with their musical effort with one Facebook user describing it as 'tragic' | UPDATED: 12:42 GMT, 24 December 2012 They may be more accustomed to patrolling the beat, but one police force has shown that it doesn’t have the X Factor when it comes to trying to sing along in time to it. Facebook users have slammed Bedfordshire Police’s ‘tragic’ cover version of Slade’s 1973 anthem Merry Christmas Everybody – the not very catchily named ‘Christmas Crime Reduction’. The force had hoped that the song would offer residents winter crime advice but it is unlikely to trouble the frontrunners for the number one spot over the festive period.