Karl Wade and Rebecca Harbourne slapped with 70 parking ticket as they carried disabled son Devon to car outside their home

Couple with disabled boy slapped with 70 parking ticket as they carried him to their car outside their home Karl Wade and Rebecca Harbourne had been fitting special splints to son Devon, four, when warden appeared Temporary restrictions had been imposed outside their home Birmingham council refused two appeals because their case 'lacks merit' | UPDATED: 22:10 GMT, 26 December 2012 [captio Parents who parked outside their home as they carried their seriously disabled boy to their car were shocked to see they had been given a ticket. Karl Wade, 37, briefly left his Nissan Note people carrier in front of his house as he and his partner Rebecca Harbourne, 28, strapped splints to the legs of four-year-old Devon, who has cerebral palsy and cannot walk. When they emerged from the front door with their son minutes later, however, they found they had been issued with a 70 fine.

Malcolm Levesconte: Generous strangers show Christmas generousity as festive fund "stolen" by landlord is replaced

The kindness of strangers: Internet well-wishers replace 30,000 Christmas club fund 'stolen' by pub landlord in just THREE daysOne kind-hearted anonymous benefactor gave the villagers 10,000Landlord Malcolm Levesconte is thought to have fled the countryPolice fear he may have jumped into the sea from a ferry bound for France | UPDATED: 20:24 GMT, 19 December 2012 Vanished: Malcolm Levesconte, 59, is thought to have fled the country and then jumped into the sea while on a ferry to France When a pub landlord disappeared with a 30,000 Christmas fund raised by families just before the big day, it came close to ruining village festivities. But generous strangers restored local faith in the season of goodwill, by replacing the money within days.