Christmas Eve murder: Tears of Alan Greaves"s widow as Bishop holds church service to pay tribute to victim

'I have not stopped crying at the evil that's been done': Organist's widow weeps during emotional tribute at church where he had been due to play on Christmas Eve Widow of Alan Greaves thanks congregation for support since the attackThe 68-year-old was found beaten up as he went to mass on Christmas EveBishop of Sheffield describes the shock and outrage at service today | UPDATED: 07:56 GMT, 31 December 2012 The wife of an organist who died after he was attacked on the way to play at Midnight Mass said yesterday she had not stopped crying over the ‘evil that has been done’. Maureen Greaves led prayers to husband Alan as dozens came together in grief at the first Sunday service since his death last week. The Bishop of Sheffield, who attended the service, paid tribute to the devout Anglican and lay preacher, saying the church had lost a ‘shining light’.

Peter Hitchens: Killed on his way to church, the latest victim of smug "liberals"

Peter Hitchens: Killed on his way to church, the latest victim of smug 'liberals' | UPDATED: 03:39 GMT, 30 December 2012 Alan Greaves, 68, from Sheffield, who died after being brutally attacked on his way to midnight mass on Christmas Eve Those of us who know what is going on in this country are often derided by smug, wealthy Londoners. They accuse us of ‘moral panic’ and of exaggerating the breakdown of our society. I ask these complacent people to consider the terrible death of Alan Greaves, attacked on Christmas Eve itself