Delta buys nearly half of Virgin Atlantic in deal that will keep Branson"s airline alive

Sir Richard Branson offers BA boss a 1m bet over Virgin Atlantic deal – but gets a 'knee in the groin' instead Billionaire Sir Richard Branson sells 49 per cent stake in airline to DeltaAmerica’s largest carrier will help keep Virgin Atlantic alive and take on BA Branson tries to bet BA boss Willie Walsh 1m that airline will flourishBut Walsh says he hasn't got 1m and offers him 'knee in the groin' instead | UPDATED: 20:50 GMT, 11 December 2012 See Sir Richard's Announcement Below: The boss of British Airways’ parent company Willie Walsh has bet Sir Richard Branson ‘a knee in the groin’ that Virgin Atlantic will not survive five years. And Sir Richard has accepted the remarkable challenge – saying the painful debt will be paid out to the loser at the winner’s headquarters. The unusual ‘below the belt’ wager came after America's largest airline, Delta, took a 49 per cent stake in Virgin Atlantic under a major deal announced today.