YouTube video shows how astronauts defy gravity to wash their hands

Ever wondered how astronauts wash their hands New video shows spaceman demonstrating the process Canadian spaceman Chris Hadfield reveals the secret – no-rinse soap By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 19:32 GMT, 3 February 2013 | UPDATED: 08:50 GMT, 4 February 2013 Their gravity defying existence has long been a source of wonder for mere earthlings. But have you ever wondered how astronauts manage to complete everyday, mundane tasks like washing their hands, completely weightless A new video released by the Canadian Space Agency has revealed the answer – no-rinse soap. Scroll down for video Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield beamed a video back from space to show a young caller how he washes his hands in the weightless atmosphere Shown on YouTube, he squirts the solution from a straw attached to a pouch and it gathers in a ball, heading towards the ceiling The astronaut will have to act quickly before the ball of handwash reaches the roof In a question-and-answer session beamed back from space, astronaut Chris Hadfield took a young caller through the process step-by-step