Today is D-day for drivers (that"s extra dangerous)

Today is D-day for drivers (that's extra dangerous) thanks to hangovers, bad weather and Christmas shopping Crashes set to double on 'most dangerous day of the year' Bumps and smashes double in the week leading up to Christmas | UPDATED: 01:54 GMT, 17 December 2012 Motorists heading out today be warned – it is the most dangerous day of the year on the roads.

Smoking cigarettes DOES make your hangover worse

Another reason to rethink that late-night cigarette: Smoking DOES make your hangover worse People who smoke before drinking more likely to experience a hangover and more intense symptoms than those who don'tCigarette smoke contains the chemical acetaledhyde, which is also present in alcohol and has been linked to hangoversResearchers suggest the nicotine in cigarettes could have a negative effect on the nervous system | UPDATED: 12:19 GMT, 5 December 2012 You could regret it tomorrow: Smoking was found to worsen hangover symptoms among students in a U.S study For anyone who has had one too many drinks on a night out, a dry mouth, pounding head and nausea will be all too familiar symptoms the morning after. But now scientists say your hangover could feel a whole lot worse if you smoke as well. A team of scientists from Brown University found this effect wasn't because smokers drank more.