Was the new Archbishop of Canterbury born out of wedlock?

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Was the new Archbishop of Canterbury born out of wedlock | UPDATED: 10:14 GMT, 28 November 2012 Apropos the next Archbishop of Canterbury, 56-year-old Old Etonian Justin Welby, did his roguish late father, Gavin Welby, obtain a divorce from his American first wife Doris Sturzenegger before eloping to Baltimore in 1955 with Jane Portal, Justin’s mother ‘If not, any issue from the second marriage are illegitimate and can’t become a Church of England bishop,’ according to a source. But a Lambeth Palace spokesman disagrees, telling me: ‘Canon law says no person can be refused consecration as a bishop on the grounds that he was born out of lawful wedlock.’ The New Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was announced as the successor to Dr Rowan Williams earlier this year Having failed to persuade David Cameron and other leaders to back an inflation-busting new EU budget, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy posts a melancholy ‘haiku’ poem on his official Twitter account. ‘The night has fallen / The bare branches can be seen / Even more lonely.’ Does it work better in Rompuy’s Flemish lingo Screen villain Steven Berkoff, pictured, won a civil libel action against vituperative journalist Julie Burchill in 1996 after she called him ‘hideously ugly’