UK authorities take light-hearted approach to December 21 "Mayan doomsday" threat

'Fit a smoke alarm to warn you of the end of the world': UK authorities take light-hearted approach to December 21 'Mayan doomsday' threatIn a bid to quell fears about a possible doomsday scenario, British authorities have issued some not very serious adviceThe London Fire Brigade has recommended installing fire alarms on every floor of your home The AA says allow extra time for journeys and listen to the radio for weather updates The RSPCA has advised spending quality time with your pets | UPDATED: 22:24 GMT, 7 December 2012 The potential end of the world on December 21, as predicted by the Mayan calendar, has generated a mixture of different reactions from people. For some the famous date is an excuse for a party, others are simply treating it as another day, while one group of people – known as 'preppers' – have been stocking up on supplies in expectation of the apocalypse. Now British authorities, in a bid to quell fears of doomsday, have issued light-hearted advice on how best to respond to the potential crisis, such as installing a fire alarm and listening out for weather forecasts.