Brave nine-month-old kitten torched by yobs on its first trip outside survives after spending TWO DAYS crawling home

Kitten is torched by yobs on her first trip outside – and spends TWO DAYS crawling home before dying from her wounds Hetty the kitten was found with horrendous burns down one sideOwner Liam Garrard believes she was deliberately set alightShe had major surgery but developed an infection and had to be put downPolice and the RSPCA are investigating | UPDATED: 20:27 GMT, 28 November 2012 A nine-month-old kitten spent two days crawling back home after she was set on fire while venturing outside for the very first time. Hetty the kitten was found by owner Liam Garrard with horrendous burns from her shoulder to her hind leg on one side after she went missing in Crawley, West Sussex.