Jacintha Saldanha: Grieving husband of Kate Middleton hoax nurse makes private farewell by her grave

Goodbye, Jacintha: Grieving husband and children of hoax call nurse weep by her graveside as they say farewell at Indian funeralBody flown to India where husband and two children in Shirva, Karnataka for funeral at Our Lady of Health Church King Edward VII Hospital nurse Jacintha Saldanha found dead on December 7 after hoax call by Australian DJs | UPDATED: 17:09 GMT, 17 December 2012 Jacintha Saldanha's grieving husband and two teenage children clutched each other tightly today as they gathered with hundreds of mourners in a small town in India for her funeral. Friends and family paid their respects to the 46-year-old nurse who was duped by a hoax call during a simple ceremony in Shirva, some 30 miles north of Mangalore on the south-west coast. Earlier, crowds lined the roads close to the Catholic church to pay their respects while relatives attended a private prayer ceremony at her home.

Glide show: Aerial images taken from a kite provide a new perspective on India"s striking landscapes and colourful culture

Eye in the sky over India: Camera on a kite snaps fabulous photographs of the sub-continent | UPDATED: 21:31 GMT, 26 November 2012 Taken from skies high above India these startling images provide a new perspective on the country's rich culture and vibrant landscapes. Incredibly they were snapped not from the inside of an aeroplane but from camera hanging from a simple kite.